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Selkirk Rex - The cat in sheep's clothing


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The Cattery Friso opens its doors! A dream; A passion.

We have the pleasure of helping you to discover the Selkirk Rex. An exceptionnaly rare cat in Quebec.

The plush and soft coat of Selkirk Rex's resembles sheep's wool. This is why they are called "the cat in sheep's clothing". They are gentle and docile, marvelous to hug and lacking in any form of agressivity..

The most surpising is their hypo or low allergic properties.

Welcome to our little but curly world!

For further information or to adopte one (or more) of these wondeful cats, please contacts us.

Lili and Benjamin

Liliane Trahan & Christopher Chin
Proulxville, Québec
Telephone: (819) 601-8494 

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